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Exhibition production

Complete production for MOFA

An order from the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs to produce an exhibition about Václav Havel in four copies in order to send it to different continents. From the selection of the pictures to graphic design, accompanying and explanatory texts for the exhibition, framing, production of the transport boxes and PR material in four languages. An exhibition, curated by order from A to Z, was launched in 2 months.


Gallery on train

The biggest challenge to produce an exhibition outside of the gallery space was certainly the train. The great advantage of the train was the mobility and the possibility to place the exhibition where other events took place. For example in Bratislava during the month of photography.


Helmut Newton WORK

Helmut Newton's last retrospective took place in Leica Gallery and in the Imperial Stables. To separate the exhibition into two different locations, both at Prague Castle but completely different in style, was a challenge.


2003 in cooperation with office of the president Václav Havel

The history of times which were circled round by the first and last photographs of the exhibition. The exhibition at Prague Castle was used by people to bid farewell to him in the last few days of his tenure as president. 


New face of the gallery

Reconstruction of the gallery at Prague Castle and the beginning of the project to establish Prague as a station for exhibitions by world-famous photographers


200 Platinum Palladium Prints

Presenting Platinum Palladium Prints handmade by Robert Vano in a very large showroom required a showroom with some intimacy. Simple corrugated paper helped here.

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