Truffle & Noodle are a wonderful design created by Leilani Boemer. These two heartwarming characters first came to be as a chef duo

but quickly became independent and are now everywhere that involves having fun.




Fine point


Leilani draws everything. She redesigns Truffle & Noodle on a daily basis. That’s how we make even every-day-use products a wonderful experience to hold. From cups to bags and many other products, every piece becomes an original artwork as she uses Japanese magic markers. You can also find these here! Of course, Noodle has ordered medium sized and fine pens for Truffle. The light pink is listed here extra as well so that you can match it to Truffle’s pretty skin color.

The first

Truffle & Noodle painting

put on display today

was sold

within hours

Truffle & Noodle and many other characters shown on this website are under © 2020 Leilani Boemer.
Photography © Jana Boemer. All rights reserved. Website made by Quo Imus

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