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Dear Mrs. Boemer,

.. "The Gallery on the Train surely is one of the highlights of this sophisticated festival and connects Europeans across the borders of our two countries.

With this gallery, probably the most mobile gallery in the world, you make it possible – and in a very unique way – for a lot of people even outside big cities to gain access to this exhibition. "


Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier President of Germany since 19 March 2017


Dear Mrs. Bömer,

"I welcome a chance to commemorate the personality of Václav Havel and his significance for the development of our country in the midst of a changing Europe. The selection of participating photographers and the high quality of your gallery undoubtedly guarantee the implementation of a successful project.


I would therefore be delighted to give my auspices to the exhibition “Dissident–President–Citizen.”



Pavel Dostál

Minister of culture


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