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Out of gallery walls


Gallery on the train

Prague Post

"Jana Boemer introduced  Salgado´s cycle „Workers“ in a really unusual environment – in three adapted wagons."                   


Dr. Steinmeier President of Germany

"Dear Ms Boemer, Culture and trains have a lot in common. Both are able to depict diversity through a constant change of perspective, they enhance openness and curiosity, and foremost they both connect people."


Over 150.000 visitors 2005 - 2007

"three years in a row. The most visited exhibition in the Czech Republic. Over a hundred thousand visitors visited three world-famous photographers in the gallery on the train"


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

" Dear Ms Boemer, Your thought of establishing the gallery on the train is original and courageous and a great success....."


Embassy of the United States 

"I am convinced that the exhibition will strengthen U.S. - Czech cultural ties, and it is my pleasure to provide our auspices in support of this important cultural event."

Embassy of the United States of Amerika, Michael Hahn, Counselor for Public Affairs


Embassy of Germany in Czech Rep.

"Dear Mrs. Boemer, Allow me, for my part, to congratulate you on your project "Wim and Donata Wenders" in the gallery on the train. It symbolizes in a very appealing way and with a high quality standard that you apply to all your projects, the mobile spirit of the German-Czech cultural spring." 

                       Ambassador Helmut Elfenkämper



Ongoing Projekt

Quo Imus, latin for “where are we going?”

Is grappling with the issues of our currently changing times, and our future. The project challenges participants to think about what accompanies the digital era, climate change and what their wishes are for the future.

Quo Imus.png


Photographs from different cities of Europe in streets of Prague. Installation to bring art to people. In 2010 the project was handed over to the new owner of Leica Gallery Prague.

_MG_6680-1[1] Kopie.jpg

On and about Wenceslas Square

Exhibition about the square’s historical face held at the bottom of Wenceslas Square, was part of projects bringing art to people. Visited by 160 Thousand, Photography by Vilem Kropp


My + Vy ( Us + You )

An installation on behalf of Czech Railways. The project brought art into public spaces and aimed to make public transportation more attractive. Photography by Jan Zatorsky


In cooperation with Goethe Institute

Lectures and discussions were held at Leni Riefenstahl's exhibition on the topic: When an artist serves a regime. 


Edition 100

The possibility to make an original picture available to a wide audience. Famous and talented artists presented in Edition 100 to support the sale and collection of photography in the Czech republic.

Robert Vano - 017 - Winter, Praha 1997.jpeg
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