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Blur as image transformation.

Out of focus photography, also known as "motion blur photography," is a technique that intentionally creates out of focus images. Usually this is achieved by using a long exposure time or by rapid movement of the photographer or the subject during the shot.

Although blurred photography is often seen as a mistake, it is a powerful tool for me to search for images from my past and use them to piece together a story about my identity.

With blurred images, I can also put the viewer in a kind of surreality that transports him into his own world of imagination and possibly brings his memories or emotions to life.

This technique turned out to be the most effective for my project to show the atmosphere and emotions of a certain moment.

However, there is also an ethical debate about whether blurred photography should be used to evoke negative emotions in the viewer, although there is no recognizable sharp depiction of a moment. It is argued that the goal of photography is to provide an objective representation of reality and that intentionally blurred images do not. On the other hand, there are photographers and artists who argue that art and photography serve to arouse emotions and put the viewer in a certain mood.

To me it would be unethical to neglect the privacy and well-being of the subjects depicted just for the sake of artistic effect.

Overall, it is important to me in my project to approach this technique with a sensitive and ethical approach.

Fig. 2. Jana BÖMER. 2012. Do I see You?

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