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Quo Imus means Where are we going. And that can be taken literally on this new photographic journey.

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

So far, taking photos has been more of a diary of my life and capturing the places where I've been. I love to travel and photography gave me the opportunity to stop and pause. With a few or many steps I was able to shift perspectives and see new things. The viewfinder gives me the opportunity to perceive the world around me more intensely and calmly.

I got my first camera when I was a kid. It was my constant companion. I was always taking photographs, wherever I went. Later, in my professional life, I worked intensively with professional photographers and big names in photography. At this point in my life I stopped taking photos completely. First, with the excuse that I didn't have time for it. But it was more than that. Considering the wonderful work that went through my hands every day, I felt powerless. I couldn't imagine ever taking a picture myself again.

Then I moved to a small tropical island and realised my lifelong dream. For many years I enjoyed the seclusion from the stressful life of culture, but it was also as if a part of me had been cut away. There was hardly any culture at all on the island and my addiction to visual arts grew stronger and stronger. After my photographs of the past, and all my negatives in the boxes I brought with me melted together due to the climate, and I had to throw away this monolith of my photographic life, I started taking photos again.

The pandemic has slowed my life down again and I temporarily moved to Utah to live with my daughter. By attending a University to improve my English and enjoying the tranquility that came into my life for the first time, I began to study again.

Searching for a program where I could advance my photography skills brought me to Falmouth University and its MA Photography program.

I am happy that I was accepted, and, after having watched the first webinar, I was already able to absorb an incredible amount.

In these notes, I would like to record how and where my studies are taking me.

After just the first week, I realise that I no longer think in pictures, but in stories; No longer in what I want to depict, but what I want to tell.

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