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QUO IMUS - Where are we going?

The question here is not how we will live, but how we’d like to live.


QUO IMUS to host

Hello dear colleagues,


Would you like to host the Quo Imus Project in your institution and have your visitors participate in it?

We are attempting to involve the public in cultural and creative happenings and to thereby address socially relevant themes through art.

Quo Imus, latin for “where are we going?” Is grappling with the issues of our currently changing times, and our future. The project challenges participants to think about what accompanies the digital era, climate change and what their wishes are for the future.


With our project Quo Imus (Latin: where are we going), we would like to involve you in a creative future-utopia.

A good society needs democratic participation. The goal of the project is to motivate all of us to participate in the creation of our society, and to become aware that we are indeed the creators of said society.


QUO IMUS take part

A new era is beginning. We now find ourselves in a great social upheaval. Artificially intelligent computers are being supplemented by artificially intelligent machines—robots. They do more and more work for us, but you can also say that they are taking away more and more work from us—and that is fatal to a social system which is based on work.

To the dangers of climate change, global warming, and overpopulation, ideas for the 21st century, such as redistribution, basic income, robot tax, or a financial transaction tax are also forming.

Environmental disasters, unlimited consumption, the constant striving for growth, and lack of affordable housing are things that affect us all already.

Politics around the world is missing out on shaping the future and is only administrating the present.

QUO IMUS - Where are we going?

The question here is not how we will live, but how we’d like to live.

The project for the general public.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln

If you want to host the project please contact us.

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